Jumping Castle

On many game shows, you have seen hot-air balloon and such arrangements that can provide entertainment to people by jumping, crossing hurdles, hoping etc. These are jumping castles. People move from one to another chasing each other and crossing winning points. These activities not only provide entertainment but also add happiness to such fun activities. Please click the link to explore domestic jumping castles.

You can boost up the chance to attract people to your party by placing these structures to you party. Research show activities like these in fun parties increases the chances to bring people at one place under one roof. There are different types of jumping castles that are available given below:

  • Premium rain roof with slides
  • Premium themed with slides
  • Large castles with slides
  • Mini castle with slides and many more

You can place any of them at you party and can make you party more fun and memorable. But, keeping in mind the safety issues we have to be more careful with these arrangements. Kid safe Victoria called the “death traps” and are pushing us for sever safety standards. According to a survey by Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit, 438 people were subjected to death by them in the past decade. This can be alarming and more safety measures should be made. The organization also prevent the importation and sale of jumping castle which do not satisfy the safety measures as with low safety and on sale material can ignore the safety issues which can lead to high damage.

Mike Burchett of the Australian Amusement Association said sales of toy jumping castles from discount retailers and websites were “growing at an enormous pace”. “The issue we have is that the toy jumping castles pose exactly the same danger as the commercial jumping castles but they’re not regulated in the same way,” he said.